Supernova Elite
Supernova Elite is the top rung of the VIP ladder. For most first time chasers, it is worth approximately $115,000 (personalized calculator). To reach SNE, tournament and shorthanded players pay just under $182,000 in rake. Full ring players pay about $167,000.

Supernova Elite Rewards:
VIP Stellar Rewards $1,200
Milestone Cash Credits $43,200
WCOOP Main Event $5,200
FPP's* $54,310-$80,000
VIP Freerolls $120-$1120
Total $104,030-$130,720

*FPP value was based on purchasing $4,000 cash bonuses ($0.016/FPP). It was also assumed that you would start out as a Bronze Star for the low end and a Supernova Elite for the high end.

SNE VIP Store Discounts
     Players reaching Supernova Elite will receive discounts in the VIP Store on certain live tournament packages such as the PCA or EPT Grand Finale. At certain events, SNE's are given upgraded accomodations and access to private parties.

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There were 342 Supernova Elites in 2010. Will you be one of them in 2011?